How to make CBD Gummies! | Oil Distillate | Using Florida Medical Marijuana for Recipe purpose only!


Substitute ‘Concentrate’ for preferred Full Spectrum – THC-Free CBD Oil!!!
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This recipe should make about 130 gummies at a little more than 6mg each (mg strength will vary with how strong your concentrate is)

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“hey guys! a few notes/clarifications…:
-this recipe should yield approximately 130 gummies. For this batch, it was a syringe with 862 mg THC so that comes out to a little more than 6mg THC per gummy.
– the “microwave safe cup or bowl” is optional; all i meant is that you will need some way to heat your TruClear. don’t microwave the TruClear itself, but microwave a CUP of water then place your TruClear into the hot water AFTER it’s been heated. This is just one way to soften your TruClear (if you do not heat it up first, it will be too thick to add in)
– if you’re using liquid lecithin instead of powder/granules, you can put it into the mixture later. probably after adding the flavored jell-o.
– of course there are other recipes out there and this one may seem oddly specific, but i’ve made a lot of batches of these now and this is the best method i’ve come up with.—

YT Tutorial Provided CC by: Ellie K.


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