True Buds Show Podcast #18 Alex Gettlin Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Podcaster, Cannabis, CBD, Edibles


Alex Gettlin, Comedian, Podcaster, Actor and Cannabis Enthusiast stops by to talk about just that and much more!

Alex Gettlin

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True Buds Show Notes:
Alex Gettlin has done some engineering for the True Buds Show, Alex is a Comedian, Actor, Podcaster an all around a chill cool and creative guy. Alex recently booked a Butterfinger commercial he is the voice over in the Spot. Alex made his own voice over demo reel that helped him book work. A lot of Apps need VO work. Alex likes to smoke at the end of the day chill un winding at the end of the night. Alex likes smoking much more he doesn’t wake up the next day feeling like trash. Smoking is Alex’s favorite, he vapes and takes edibles every now and then. Alex tells funny Brownie story and a blackout drunk story. Alex is performing at the Gateway Comedy Show in Alaska! Alex learned a lot from throwing Parties in College. Alex has had many jobs since he has been out in LA. Alex made about half his living running comedy shows in Boston. While in LA Alex shifted his energy from doing shows to producing more content. Alex’s brother is a professional drummer and his Fiancé is an actress/comedian, one of Alex’s good friend makes really dope furniture. There is no easy path but infinite opportunities if you can hustle. You have to do marketing, accounting, branding, and everything in between. Tic-Toc can be very powerful for musicians. The market is what the market it, it’s like get mad at the weather. Tic-Toc is all about lip syncing and gets millions of views. What are the differences between several Sativas can come down to Breeding, different Terpene profiles, alot of time is comes down to taste and smell and personal preference. Alex likes CBD at night Jack likes Indica and CBD at night. Little pre-roll would be nice, Alex used to stuff his own Black and Milds with flower. Society is waking up to the notion of Cannabis, Booze is much more of a gateway drug than Cannabis. If people don’t like Weed thats fine but if your knocking Weed and saying it’s bad for you. People from other countries like Brazil still look at weed like Heroin. Legalizing Weed can be a good thing for crime. Some company is selling CBD infused sports wear, just by CBD lotion and put it on yourself. Alex loves a good Sativa high when his brain goes to weird places. Alex Fiance likes to take CBD pills often. Take some edibles at Joshua Tree for a good time, look up at the stars. We don’t put our phones down enough to just enjoy the present. Your phone literally know everything about you. Jack will be coming on the Thin The Heard Podcast. Also shout out to Scoop Heads, go follow them and Alex! Thanks for being a True Bud!

True Buds Show #18 Alex Gettlin Cannabis, Comedy, Podcast, Acting, CBD, Cannabis Culture

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