CBD Oil–Legit Medicine or a “Magical Elixir”?


Note: Please note, unless stated on my BreakFree Medicine website, my posts do not endorse or assume affiliation with any product or CBD products. Some companies are posting my link without proper permission and linking them to their products. I have currently asked them to remove the association. Some have not honored this. Due to this, this video does not allow embedding.
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This video is based on part three of my CBD series, CBD Oil… Hype, Harm, or Heck Yay!. After watching it, you will have learned:

• The difference between CBD, hemp, and marijuana and how this relates to essential oils.
• Why it experienced such a rise in demand by consumers, especially for children with seizure disorders.
• How CBD had been studied prior to its recent popularization and in which major area.
• About the current FDA approval of a CBD medication for seizure disorders, its potential side effects, and the scheduling of its abuse potential.
• My warning to heed that when anything has a positive effect, it can also have unintended ones.
• A potential mechanism for CBD oil on calming the brain.
• The growing market of CBD oil.
• The differing legal status between isolated CBD extracts and hemp extracts.
• The importance of using clinical trials for determining mechanisms of actions, side effects, and standardizing safe dosages.
• My slip of the tongue that revealed another effect of CBD that I will be detailing in an upcoming post.

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Get all the resources and additional references from this video here: http://dr-lobisco.com/cbd-oil-legit-medicine-or-magical-elixir-uses-and-seizures-cbd-and-hemp/

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