The Contact Buzz Podcast! – All About Cannabis – E001


The boys from Acme Tea Company and California Terpene Extracts sit down and start chatting about industrial hemp, CBD, marijuana, extracts, oils and so much more. This is the first ever episode so hang with us as we start this thang!

Welcome to The Contact Buzz! The cannabis show hosted by those that grow and are in the know! RJ, Guillermo and Chris dive deep into the topics and discuss in depth the questions your local budtender just can’t answer. Mix in a few special guests to lend their expertise and you get one potent dose of cannabis talk.

We are your stop for talk on all things marijuana and CBD oriented. We cover topics from all sides of the industry. From what you consume to how its produced, we get into the fields where it’s grown, the labs where its extracted and the places you buy it to draw you the complete picture of where things come from so you can enjoy responsibility. We cover the ins and outs of legal and grey market business so no matter what the laws are where you live, this show has you covered.

Thanks for listening!

RJ & Guillermo are from Acme Tea Company. Makers of high quality, all natural and delicious teas boosted with CBD from whole spectrum hemp. Acme grows its own hemp in California and perfects tea blends that delight the taste buds and power the body. Check out their latest blends.

Chris is part of California Terpene Extracts.
California Terpene Extracts focuses on terpene extracts made from the highest quality cannabis. We are here to supply the best tasting product around.


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