Legacy: R.I.P. Celebrities Who Died in April 2020


We look back on some of the lives of celebrities and notable people who died in April 2020. Our video tribute includes singer-songwriter John Prine; Tony-winning actor Brian Dennehy; Goldfinger and TV’s The Avengers actress Honor Blackman; NFL football player and M*A*S*H actor Timothy Brown; house music singer Ceybil Jefferies; James Drury, star of The Virginian; Detroit Tigers hall-of-famer Al Kaline; Green Acres actor Tom Lester; rapper and model Chynna Rogers; Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan; new wave singer Cristina Monet-Zilkha; Green Bay Packer’s hall-of-famer Willie Davis; CBD and medical cannabis poster girl Charlotte Figi; Scrubs actor Sam Lloyd; romance novelist Donna Kauffman; NFL hall-of-famer Bobby Mitchell; Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor; acclaimed movie and TV actress Shirley Knight; New Orleans jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis Jr.; video game voice actor Rick May; Sylvester the Talking Kitty YouTuber Steve Cash; Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger; WWE ring announcer Howard Finkel; Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley “Minnie” Ross; Baltimore Colts linebacker Mike Curtis; Saturday Night Live music producer Hal Willner; gospel singer Troy Sneed; and public health official and granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Maeve Kennedy McKean.

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Read the full Legacy obituaries for the life stories of the people featured in this video:
John Prine, 73, died of COVID-19 complications https://legcy.co/2L8eE6v
Brian Dennehy, 81, died of cardiac arrest https://legcy.co/2WBQB51
Honor Blackman, 94, died of natural causes https://legcy.co/2YKU43U
Timothy Brown, 82, died of dementia complications https://legcy.co/2LcFB8M
Ceybil Jefferies, died after being diagnosed with coronavirus https://legcy.co/3bg2AdM
James Drury, 85, died of natural causes https://legcy.co/2WBS4Z5
Al Kaline, 85, https://legcy.co/2xMzuVU
Tom Lester, 81, died of Parkinson’s disease https://legcy.co/2WcVrGY
Chynna Rogers, 25, died of an accidental drug overdose https://legcy.co/35FZTkA
Irrfan Khan, 53, died of an infection after diagnosis with a rare tumor https://legcy.co/3fsq7vx
Cristina Monet-Zilkha, 61, died of COVID-19 complications https://legcy.co/3cd4HAD
Willie Davis, 85, https://legcy.co/35QIXYZ
Charlotte Figi, 13, died of COVID-19 complications https://legcy.co/2WDR2M3
Sam Lloyd, 56, died of lung cancer complications https://legcy.co/2L5ociq
Donna Kauffman, 60, died of pancreatic cancer https://legcy.co/3di00We
Bobby Mitchell, 84, https://legcy.co/2WtZSvO
Rishi Kapoor, 67, died after a battle with leukemia https://legcy.co/3cfAcd7
Shirley Knight, 83, died of natural causes https://legcy.co/2YHwJQB
Ellis Marsalis Jr., 85, died of COVID-19 complications https://legcy.co/2Wevsip
Rick May, 79, died of COVID-19 complications https://legcy.co/2WzAm8F
Steve Cash, 40, died from an apparent suicide https://legcy.co/2yBteR9
Adam Schlesinger, 52, died of COVID-19 complications https://legcy.co/3dpLXOf
Howard Finkel, 69, https://legcy.co/35DmUoo
Ashley “Minnie” Ross, 34, died from a car accident https://legcy.co/2L9U1GR
Mike Curtis, 77, https://legcy.co/2L8alYH
Hal Willner, 64, died of suspected COVID-19 https://legcy.co/2xNv6Gc
Troy Sneed, 52, died of COVID-19 complications https://legcy.co/35G2rz7
Maeve Kennedy McKean, 40, died along with 8-year-old son in a canoeing accident https://legcy.co/2yD11t5

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