Akathisia Dystonia Before and After Cannabis


After becoming disabled from pharmaceuticals in Jan 2014 taken as prescribed, Josh now suffers daily with akathisia and dystonia.
Here is a video showing his daily life before Cannabis and showing how fast he gets relief now that he has Cannabis to help.
For those who always wonder why we say Josh hides when in waves and the kids dont see him, the 2nd half of the video shows why. No one but myself and doctors and specialists have seen him like this, so this is hard to watch. Imagine having to live like this for even a day. This is now year 4 for Josh. All because of taking a medication as prescribed. Thousands around the world are suffering like Josh does and dont have access to Cannabis. This is ridiculous. If there is something to give anyone going through this an ounce of relief it should be available to them if more legal drugs thrown at them are easily available!
If you are against Cannabis but for Pharma Drugs I hope you watch this. If you are for Cannabis BUT against smoking it, I hope you watch this.

*****To skip the intro start at 8:20*****

Josh “Just in case anyone else was wondering, Aimee didn’t light the bowl for me because I’ve been hyperventilating so much before, that when I went to inhale, I accidentally blew all my flower out of the bowl. It sucked. I couldn’t have done it til I was ready. I don’t even know when that’ll be. I went for the bowl a few times and backed out because I wasn’t ready. Being in the state of mind I was in, it would have been a circus trying to coordinate with her lighter hand and my out of control breathing. More of a circus than it already was.”

To know more what Akathisia and Dystonia are check out the youtube channel for more videos of Josh.


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